Monday, 20 October 2014

Pizza Express NOM NOM NOM!!

So... My girl Abi & I was chilling at mine then we decided to randomly go up to Pizza Express in St. John's Wood AN HOUR BEFORE CLOSING haha!

For the first time it didn't take me forever and a day to figure out what I wanted! Does anyone else take ages to decide what they want, even if you've been to the same place many times before xD ?!

Anyway... I ordered the Bruschetta Originale for my starter. It was super yummy! Light, but heavy enough to make you not want more before your main :)

For mains, Abi ordered the Pollo Pesto pasta and I ordered the Leggera Pomodoro Pesto pizza.

I love the Leggera pizza range because they're under 500 cals, you don't feel as guilty eating it haha! Still just as tasty as a normal pizza, but you don't get that heavy, slumped, couch potato feeling afterwards :) !

This is the outfit I literally threw on because we had an hour to get there, eat and leave xD (so excuse the rough face pleeease)

Coat: Barbour International (Outwood Parka) - link here
Necklace: Primark
Jumper: Ralph Lauren (oversized and pretty old actually lol!)
Jeans: Topshop (Joni) - link here
Boots: Missguided - link here

Love & lollipops :)
Courtnee x